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Scheduling Your Appointment

Per Home Warranty Policy, we are allotted 24 hours from the time we receive your work order to schedule your appointment.  However, we make our best effort to schedule your repairs ASAP as our work volume allows.  Please be advised that we schedule appointments between 4:00 – 6:00 pm Monday through Thursday. All work orders received on Friday will be scheduled on Sunday afternoon for the following week, as we are closed on weekends.  Our Friday schedule is generally full due to work orders received earlier in the week.  Therefore, we are generally unable to offer same day service for work orders received on Friday. We aim to schedule your work for the following business day from the date of receipt.  However, during periods of heavy volume i.e. summer months, after large storms, or before major holidays we may have a 48-72 hour lead time for your appointment. We schedule your appointments later in the day as we receive numerous work orders throughout the day across the entire valley.  We wait until the latter part of the day to map out and schedule all work orders received in order to schedule your job in a logical order, starting from one side of town and working our way to the other.

Same Day Service?

In most cases, we are unable to provide same day service.  Due to the volume of work orders received, we are generally 2-3 days out upon receipt of your work order.

Repair Process

We strive to provide you with the most efficient service and repairs while exceeding your previous experiences with swimming pool repair providers. We may ask for your assistance with obtaining model or make information from your equipment and / or sending us pictures. We ask for your help in an effort to have the parts on hand to complete your repair on the first visit.  While this is not always possible, we will certainly make a valiant effort.  We drive the largest commercial vans available which are packed with numerous parts, tools, and supplies.  This allows us to carry a large selection of the most common replacement parts on board.

Filtration Pump Motor Replacements

We carry 16 plus motors on board each of our service vehicles.   These motors encompass the varying types of motors in each individual horsepower.  There is no need to tell us the type of motor you have, as we will come prepared and ready to get your motor repaired or replaced.  Currently, we install rebuilt motors.  Each rebuilt motor has new bearings, terminal boards, capacitors, and as needed end bells, fan blades replacement etc.  Rebuilt motors can last years with proper maintenance of your pump.

Variable Speed Pump Law

A few years ago, the Arizona State Legislature passed a law relating to variable speed pool pump motors.  Many clients inquire about the necessity of replacing single speed motors with variable speed motors, and / or variable speed pumps.

Arizona Revised Statutes at www.azleg.gov,  Title 44-Trade and Commerce, Chapter 9, Article 19 under subsection 44-1375.01 states that the variable speed pump requirements apply to NEW PRODUCTS SOLD OR INSTALLED.

If we are able to solve your pool pump issue by replacing your motor with a single speed rebuilt motor, we are within the law to do so through your home warranty provider.  If your repair needs dictate that we need to replace the entire pump and motor with a NEW pump and motor, rest assured we will install a variable speed pump and motor.  These regulations apply to filtration pumps only.  These regulations do not apply to in floor cleaning system pumps, water-feature pumps, spa jet pumps, or any other auxiliary pumps other than the main filtration pump.

Feel free to ask us the pros and cons of variable speed pumps and motors, and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have, including power savings, and other benefits such as freeze protection, and prime loss shutoff functionality built into many of these new pumps.

Water Damage to Pump Motors

A common issue we encounter is water damage to pump motors. Single speed pool pump motors have open air vents at the bottom of the motor behind which are the motor’s electrical windings. If water makes contact with the motor windings while power is supplied to the motor, the motor will instantly short out. After periods of heavy rain, we encounter a large quantity of motors which have shorted out due to water damage. The primary culprit is a lack of proper drainage at the pool equipment area.

Please ensure that water doesn’t pool or slope towards your pool pumps. If your equipment area is surrounded by block walls, ensure that you have a drainage hole in the block wall to allow water to escape the area. Even with proper drainage, if the rainfall is heavy enough, water can find its way to the motor windings and short out the motor. Our suggestion is to turn the breaker(s) off to your pool pump(s) during heavy downpours to prevent your motor(s) from shorting out. The tell-tale sign your motor has shorted out from water is a motor that is shooting sparks out the side, or smoking upon turning on. Unfortunately if your motor is shorted out from water damage, many home warranty plans do not cover replacement due to water damage.

Portable Spa Repairs

We are one of a select few home warranty providers who service portable spas. Portable spa parts are specialty items that are not widely available in the valley as there is one primary portable spa parts distributor locally. As pool repairs encompass 95% of our repair volume, the majority of our stocked parts are pool equipment specific parts. In most cases, portable spa repairs require a minimum of two service visits to complete. The first visit to diagnose your issue, obtain parts availability and pricing and the second visit to complete your repair(s).

How does Pool Equipment differ from other home appliances ?

Outside Influences-Although your pool equipment could be fully functional today, it may not be fully functional tomorrow……..Why?

A pool is a multi-faceted system composed of a pump, filter, heater, plumbing, valves and other components poolside.   The weather can affect debris entering the pool, and the routine maintenance or lack of maintenance can create problems as well.   A pool and its equipment require CONSISTENT HANDS ON MAINTENANCE and OVERSIGHT. This is completely different from say a Dishwasher or an Air Conditioning unit, or a Water Heater.  These components are not affected by outside influences on a daily basis, where as, a pool is.  As a homeowner, it is important to realize that although a repair professional was out to repair a particular component today, this does not mean this component can now be ignored until the next time it breaks.   Quite the opposite.   The pool pump basket needs to be checked weekly.   The water chemistry needs to be checked and balanced weekly, the pool filter needs to be backwashed every 3 to 4 weeks and so on.

Homeowner Influence–  We routinely  find homeowners moving and adjusting valves and components at the pool equipment on a regular basis without being fully aware of the correct valve settings and / or how incorrectly setting the valves can negatively impact the system. This can create problems with the way the equipment operates as well as be a safety issue.   If you do not fully understand how to operate your system,  we are happy to walk you through the proper adjustment and operation of your system and its components.

You were just out and fixed my pump one month ago, now my filter does not work, but it worked before you came out.

This is a common statement that we hear repeatedly. First, if we repaired your pump one month ago, that does not mean we inspected your whole pool equipment system in detail upon the pump repair visit.    After all, we have a work order to fix your pump.   If you would like our technician to look at the filter, or look at the heater, please ensure that you communicate this information to your home warranty company.  In most cases, they will add these components onto our work order.   We do not go through your whole pool equipment set in detail.   We arrive to your property and fix the failed component in question on your work order.   If we see a very obvious problem with another component which will affect the operation of the component we just repaired and /or there is a safety issue, of course we will take appropriate action.  If we went through every system, and inspected every component at each job, we would never complete our work for the day, and would probably be out of business !

Please remember that a swimming pool is a multi-faceted mechanical system with multiple components which can and will eventually need service and / or repair.

Non-Covered Items

We always recommend reviewing the covered and non-covered items through your home warranty provider for your pool equipment.  There are variations in coverage depending on which plan you have purchased.  In general, the home warranty coverage for your pool is NOT blanket coverage for all components or systems.  Our job is to diagnose what component failed and to report back to the home warranty company how that component failed.  Ultimately, based on our professional diagnosis, the warranty company is responsible for making coverage decisions.  In the event a component or system is not covered, we are happy to provide you a retail bid to remedy the issue.  We can tackle the most complicated repairs including full pool remodeling.


We ask that you please leave your service call fee through the warranty company out at the pool equipment, preferably in the form of a check made out to Sharp Pool Creations.  Alternately, we can accept a credit card over the phone, or cash in person. We accept all major credit cards including AMEX.


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