Help! My pool heater is as efficient as a Hummer H2, and as reliable as a Yugo

What a long week ! You just got home from the office and had your mind set on soaking in your hot spa.   You went out to the pool equipment to turn the heater on, only to find it would not fire-up. What a downer ….. Even when it does work, it seems to take forever to heat !

Don’t stress, Sharp Pool Creations can get you relaxing under the spa jets with a beverage in hand in no time.

A realistic life expectancy for a gas fired pool or spa heater is approximately 10-12 years.  Certain makes and models can last even longer provided they are maintained properly. In many cases, we can repair your existing heater, but depending on the extent of needed repairs, it may be wise to simply replace your heater.  A few of the benefits of a NEW Jandy JXI heater are as follows:

-A 2 year full parts and labor warranty on all new Jandy JXI pool heaters through Sharp Pool Creations.  

-Energy efficiency of 84% compared to older heaters in the 70% range.  In other words, you will get more heat energy transferred to your water for the same amount of natural gas or propane cost compared to your older heater.

-Only gas heater on the market that saves you money when it is turned OFF.   This is accomplished with the proprietary VERSAFLO module. See all the features and benefits HERE:

-Decrease wear and tear on the heaters heat exchanger with a Versaflo Module.  Just as the Grand Canyon was eroded by water velocity, your heaters heat exchanger is eroded over time by water velocity as well.   The proprietary Versaflo module only allows 15% of the water moving through your pool or spa equipment set to move through the heater when the heater is turned off.   This decreases wear to the heaters heat exchanger SIGNIFICANTLY. When the heater is turned on, the Versaflo module opens, thereby allowing full water flow through the heater.  

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