Operating your pool the monkey way

OOHH HAA, OOHH HAA.   EEEEEK. I don’t know if that’s how you write out monkey noises on a blog post, but I tried……….

We’ve all heard the phrase, “it’s so easy, even a monkey can do it.”   So, the question is : Do you want to make your pool so easy to operate that even a monkey could do it ?   If so, this post is for you.

If your pool equipment area looks like an octopus of plumbing with multiple pumps, valves, switches etc and you are the first to admit that it is all a bit overwhelming, this post is for you.

Do you want to enjoy your spa, but need a Xanax to make the trek to the pool equipment area in order to figure out how to adjust the valves into spa mode and turn on the heater ??

Let’s make this simple.   Let us meet with you to provide you a proposal on a Jandy Iaqualink pool and spa automation system.

We can automate all of your pool and spa equipment including auxiliary pumps, pool and spa lights, heaters etc with an app on your phone or tablet which will control all of the functionality of your equipment system.  You can view the status of your pool remotely from anywhere in the country or world with a wifi signal. You can preheat your spa prior to your anticipated arrival at your house so it is ready for you, and so much more!

You will no longer need to walk with dread to your pool equipment area in order to turn on lights, or heaters in the dark, and risk an encounter with a snake or other desert dwelling creature.   You will no longer need to provide house guests or tenants with an archaic instructional booklet describing how to operate your pool or spa.

With a Jandy Iaqualink control system, you can provide even a novice with access to a user friendly and intuitive app which will control every component of your pool and spa system.

Give us a call today for a FREE proposal on a new pool and spa automation system: (602) 373-6288.

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