Price and Quality

Price and quality are generally a direct relationship; A relationship between two numbers or other variables where an increase or decrease in one variable causes the same change to occur in the second variable.

In most cases, the old phrase, “you get what you pay for” holds true in the construction industry, and particularly in the swimming pool industry.

Often times our prospective clients state that they are going to obtain 3 or more bids for their project. We highly recommend this, and in fact this is just smart business. After all, 3 professionals may have different recommendations, perspectives, and varying solutions for your project. Sometimes one or more of these contractors perspectives clicks with the clients goals, mindset, or simply makes the most sense to the client. Approaching your hiring decision based on the perceived intelligence or knowledge of your contractor as well as hiring who you feel is the right fit for you is highly adviseable. After all, certain business models may not be a fit for certain clients, and vise versa, and that is ok.

Contrary to using the above methods to make a hiring decision, many homeowners rely solely on price. In our opinion, this is a huge mistake. We understand that money makes the world go round, and everyone wants the best deal possible. However, we always ask our clients to do themselves a favor before making a decision solely on price. In the event our proposal is more expensive than another contractor, take 10 minutes to call us and ask us why certain line items are more money than other said contractor. Let’s make sure we are comparing apples to apples on products being used, methods of construction etc. In 18 years, when such situations arise, and we are given the opportunity to explain in greater deal the products we use, our methods of construction etc, sometimes this leads to a greater understanding in the cost differential between bids, as well as an understanding of the value in our product.

There are a great number of variables which go into any construction project, with multiple ways to accomplish the same task. Some methods of construction cost more because they take longer and require more labor, but ultimately lead to a stronger or longer lasting project.

We highly advocate educating yourself as to each aspect of a project in order to ascertain the value being received by each contractor and / or proposal you receive. It may take a bit more time, but your due diligence prior to starting your project will pay off 10 fold with a longer lasting pool with greater long term functionality.

Remember, price is what you pay now, quality and / or lack thereof follows you forever.

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