Guiding Principals

We never close sales, we OPEN sales. In other words, we strive to open a long term relationship with you, our client. We believe that businesses with a mindset of “closing” sales are looking at the short term and are not out for your best interest. We always provide you with a wide range of product options based on you and your pool’s needs, as well as your desires. A long term relationship with you, built on trust is our goal. We want to be your pool advisor, and friend. We will tell you what is necessary to meet your objectives without “upselling” you. We will simply provide you with options ranging from standard to the latest technological advances in the pool industry. The decision is yours!

We take pride in setting and maintaining standards above what you will routinely find in the Arizona market. Often, this translates to higher cost. From the methods of construction to the quality of the materials we use, we will not degrade our product to make the sale. Remodeling or repairing your pool with the correct parts and / or materials translates to a longer life span of the repair or remodel project and your long term enjoyment of your investment.


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