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Here are a few projects that we are particularly proud of.

Cabell Build

Sanzenbacher Build

Tobiassen Build

Ladd New Build

Constructed 107 lineal feet Swimming Pool with Paramount In floor cleaning system, (3) multi color L.E.D. lights, (2) Jandy multi color Laminar jets, Raised water feature wall with real stone veneer and (3) Custom Molded Products 12″ sheer descents. 

Installed Lightstreams Steel Blue glass tile as step accent tiles and around perimeter of fire bowl pillars.
Install 1,500 square feet of (3) piece travertine pavers with hidden drain and (2) 500 gallon water retention / drainage tanks at either side of yard. Tie gutter downspouts into channel drain as well as into drainage tanks.
Constructed Fire Table on Back Patio, as well as installation of (2) fire bowls on top of accent pillars at side of pool.
Installation of full pool automation system controlled via WiFi app on phone.

Summerset Drive Renovation

Installed real Venetian Plaster Stucco to raised walls and Spillway bowl pillars, real mexican tile from The Mexican Tile Company at center of pillars, 3 cm travertine coping to top of raised wall and pillars, and new water feature bowls.

Applied wet polish quartz plaster finish to complete interior of pool to remove staining and scaling, giving pool the look of a new finish.

Installed all new Mosaic pool waterline tile.

Cave Creek
Bond Beam

Laser level , saw cut and remove pebble surface at pool waterline and on “rolled bond beam.” Install waterline tile to waterline, as well as fascia tile above waterline tile at rolled bond beam. Install 3 cm travertine bullnose coping at top of bond beam. Demo and re-pour cracked section of pool deck over skimmer with cool deck to match existing deck.

Oneill Remodel

Resurface Pool with Aqua Blue Mini Pebble, Install new Waterline tile with Hibiscus flower accent tiles, install lightstream 2″ x 2″ jewel glass accent tiles as step and bench accent tiles, Install Large Turtle mosaics with shadows at floor of pool as well as swimmer crab, and stingray. Construct 50-60 square foot real rock waterfall. Installation of A&A channel drain for more effective debris removal with in floor cleaning system.

Raggio Remodel

Create Large Baja / Swim Step, Resurface pool and spa with (2) tone plaster. Pool was resurfaced with a light blue colored plaster, Baja Shelf and Spa were resurfaced with a darker blue colored plaster for a two tone effect. Installed new waterline tile, cap tile at face of pool deck, real stone veneer on small raised pool wall. Installation of 1″ x 1″ ceramic accent tiles at edge of pool & spa steps as well as baja shelf.

Mills Pool Remodel

Construct 12′ wide waterfall with large spillway rock, Convert 50 lineal feet of rolled bond beam to fascia tile and straight edge travertine coping, Install all new pool waterline tile, Fill in spa with compacted ABC rock, Increase area to raised sitting area by pouring new deck over old spa area, misc pebble tec repairs to existing interior finish.
Challenges: Crane a 2,000 pound rock 80 feet from nearest lift point over block wall and numerous trees to access new waterfall area. Use existing spa suction lines by extending them through shared pool wall in order to create dedicated suction line for waterfall including re-plumbing former spa suction lines at equipment area to newly installed pump to be used as dedicated waterfall pump. Creating holes in shared pool wall without damaging existing interior finish.

Ancala Renovation

Interior Finish:
Resurface Pool with Stonescapes Midnight Blue mini pebble, Brown Coat pool shell with 4,000 P.S.I. Shotcrete to resolve pool shell deficiencies, Rolled Bond Beam Conversion with Fascia tile to match 6″ x 6″ waterline tile and Cap bond beam with travertine coping.

Pool Deck:
Demo and remove existing Saltillo tile and install 1,400 Square feet of 16″ x 24″ Ancient Castle Travertine Pavers in running bond, Install 3 cm bullnose coping around perimeter of pool, Install 2.5″ Zurn removable top channel drain between patio and pool deck areas for increased drainage.
Install new Pool Slide with surface select accent boulders to match existing waterfall / rock stream, Extend second and third step size to increase step surface area.

Install Interfab Designer Series Stair Rail in Copper Vein Powdercoat, Install iaqualink wifi controlled pool automation system, Install Jandy Variable Speed Pump, Install Jandy Multi Color L.E.D. light, Install L.E.D. step riser lights to steps leading to raised sitting area.

South Mountain Remodel

We were originally called out due to water leaking through the freestanding infinity edge wall. Upon further discovery, we discovered structural cracks and deficiencies in the infinity edge wall due to poor construction, including poor shotcrete quality, improper plumbing in the infinity edge wall which decreased shotcrete thickness and rebar encapsulation in those areas. Lack of waterproofing on the positive water pressure side of the wall (pool side ) and so on.
We demoed the entire infinity edge wall, created a new double curtain rebar cage,shot new 4,000 P.S.I shotcrete infinity edge wall, waterproofing of positive pressure side of infinity edge wall with Basecrete cementatious waterproofing system.

Resurfaced the interior finish of the pool and spa with Stonescapes Aqua Blue Mini Pebble. Installed over 300 lineal feet of 6″ x 6″ Firestone Grey waterline tile.

Front Entry Fountain

Created 9′ x 6′ front entry fountain with 4,000 P.S.I. shotcrete structure. Installed Mexican brick veneer to basin surround, as well as real Mexican clay tile to raised water feature wall. Installed (3) Custom Copper Cannon Skuppers to middle of “picture frames.” Real Venetian plaster stucco in Terra Cotta color was applied to raised water feature wall. Installed 12″ x 24″ bullnose travertine coping in Silver to top basin edge. Interior finish of fountain is Stonescapes French Grey mini pebble with Puerto Rico blend glass beads and Abalone shells.
Fountain has a Jandy Variable speed pump, and a Jandy low voltage multi color changing L.E.D. light. Fountain is connected to an iaqualink automation system, and homeowner has full control of fountain via an app on their smart phone.

Love Remodel-Anthem

Interior Finish:
Resurfaced pool with Stonescapes Midnight Blue Mini Pebble,

Pool Tile:
Installed 2″ x 2″ lightstreams glass tile in SBBS Blend as Step accent tiles, Converted 40 lineal feet of Rolled bond beam with fascia tile and bullnose edge travertine coping,
Pool Deck:
Installed 3 piece Noce travertine pavers with 3cm bullnose edge travertine coping around perimeter of pool. Sealed all travertine with a penetrating Enhancing sealer to darken the stone.
Installed 2.5″ Zurn brand channel drain with removable top between house patio and pool deck for increased drainage.

Replaced damaged pool skimmer.

The bond beam or structural wall of the pool was build up improperly with mortar or float in order to obtain correct elevations for old flagstone patio. We removed all flagstone and improper float, and drilled and pinned rebar into the pool bond beam for structural support. We proceeded to build up the bond beam with 4,000 P.S.I. shotcrete to the correct elevation. Upon obtaining the correct elevation with structurally sound material, we installed all pool coping and pavers.
We are well versed in pool water chemistry and maintenance, we are experts at pool equipment repair and replacement, and have years of hands on experience remodeling pools.
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