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Heater Repair
& Replacement

Does your heater need repair or replacement? We know how frustrating it can be to swim in a freezing cold pool. We can get to the bottom of the problem and find a solution for you today.

Discover the Best Water
Quality with Clear Comfort

Experience the difference with Clear Comfort’s non-chlorine hydroxyl-based AOP pool & spa solutions. Clear Comfort allows you to enjoy the best, freshest, clearest & easiest pool & spa water that aligns with your healthy lifestyle.
The best water quality with drinking water chlorine levels or less.
Healthier water that’s kind to your skin, eyes & hair.
Clean, clear water with easier system maintenance.
Less chlorine use, handling & dosing than salt, UV, ozone & ozone-UV combination systems.

How The Technology Works:
Inspired by the natural process that makes our air clean & breathable, the Clear Comfort system uses a unique hydroxyl-based advanced oxidation process (AOP).
First, the system generates powerful hydroxyl radicals that destroy tough contaminants on contact. Next, safe, low levels of hydrogen peroxide pass into the pool to for extra protection.

What Clear Comfort Users Say:
“What a joy it is to go swimming without all the chlorine and skin issues that can accompany chlorinated pool water. With Clear Comfort, the water even feels nicer and softer.” – Pat, Arizona

Variable Speed Pumps

Your variable speed pump is responsible for clearing debris in your pool. Without proper maintenance and care, it may require repair or complete replacement.

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Pool Lighting

Wifi Controlled Equipment
Automation Systems

Sharp Pool Creations recommends: Aqualink

Ph Automation / Ph Feeders

Ph Automation and Ph Feeders:
CAT 1000
CAT 2000
We are well versed in pool water chemistry and maintenance, we are experts at pool equipment repair and replacement, and have years of hands on experience remodeling pools.
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