Just Another Contractor?


a person or company that undertakes a contract to provide materials or labor to perform a service or do a job.

Although all contractors share a commonality in that they provide a contract to a consumer to provide labor and materials to complete a job, all contractors are not created equal!

Many contractors are great salespeople, but are not very well versed in the hands on aspect of the work to be completed. In other words, they are relying on subcontractors skill-set and knowledge to complete your job. If some of these types of contractors were required to get hands on with your project, they would not have the aptitude to complete the work. In other words, they heavily rely on their subcontractor’s knowledge. This is scary for the consumer as there is no check and balance in this arrangement. If the general contractor does not have the knowledge to ascertain whether the subcontractor is performing their job correctly, the end result of the project is dependent on the subcontractor’s integrity and knowledge.

At Sharp Pool Creations, we have gained knowledge from the ground up without skipping steps. We are well versed in pool water chemistry and maintenance, we are experts at pool equipment repair and replacement, and have years of hands on experience in the remodeling of pools. We know the difference between various cementitious products including when and how to use them. We can replace pool skimmers, water leveler’s, replace sections of pool deck, or core drill a hole in the wall of your pool to add a return line of suction line and so on. We strive to gain hands on experience in each aspect of work that we complete. With this mindset, we can and do ensure that our subcontractors are completing work in the proper way and up to our standards. In addition, with the yearly education classes we attend , sometimes we teach our subcontractors something new ! We don’t run your whole job with one superintendant taking a peek in your backyard once per week. Quite the opposite. Our employees will be on site actually performing certain aspects of your project, and will be present to monitor work being completed by subcontractors. This is how we ensure your job is completed to the high standards we set.


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